History of 60 Years

Ching Seng Tong

The brand’s name came from Jia Ching Chemical Plant (which the founder Wu Sheng Wang once co-founded with friends) and a part of the founder’s name: “Sheng”. Ching Seng Tong was officially opened at Guangtsai Street in Chiayi in 1954, after Wang successfully developed his own hair oil product. It has now a history of over six decades, and developed a number of popular products.

Ching Seng Tong Cosmetic Co., Ltd.

Historic and important events from throughout history

Historic and important events from throughout history

  • 1945 Producing hair oil product using peanut oil and became a hit
  • 1949 Establishing the factory to manufacture cosmetic products
  • 1951 Developing an exclusive formula of adding mutton tallow to the facial cream; the product became a hit
  • 1954 Ching Seng Tong officially opened
  • 1966 Beginning using celebrity endorsement as a way to promote the products
  • 1971 Launching lipstick products, which soon became the star item of Ching Seng Tong
  • 1984 Mr. Yao Hui Wang, the second generation in the family, took over the company
  • 1986 Discovering the value of Sheseido (Japan) mini-sized lipstick gifts and beginning to produce mini lipsticks that then created a trend in Taiwan
  • 1988 Expanding and moving the factory to the new location: Yushan Road in Jiayi city
  • 1989 Beginning investing in establishing overseas factory in Indonesia; Yao Hui Wang elected to be the president of Chiayi Cosmetic Industry Association
  • 1991 Beginning investing in Nanping (China) and expanding the market
  • 1992 Launching transfer resistant lipstick
  • 1997 Mr. Qi Qing Wang, the third generation in the family, took over the company
  • 2001 Opening the second factory at Yuren Road in Jiayi city
  • 2002 Financial crisis
  • 2003 Launching transfer resistant lip gloss
  • 2011 Purchasing new factory location in Shueishang, Jiayi
  • 2012 The construction of Shueishang factory completed and put into production