Better than ever

【Providing customers with products and services that satisfy their needs is our eternal goal !】

This is the spirit we’ve been insisting for years Ching Seng Tong Shueishang factory had received the ISO22716 international cosmetics GMP certification in 2013; however we are never satisfied with our current achievement. We will continuously progressing and improving ourselves to be unique and more competitive.

Internally, our efforts including: improving the training of each department according to the regulations of GMP; recruiting more talents; enhancing the company’s capability of research and development, quality control and productivity; and seeking for the opportunity of industry-university cooperation. Meanwhile, on one hand we dedicate ourselves in researching and developing Taiwan’s unique local materials and ingredients so as to strengthen the international competence of Taiwan’s cosmetic industry on exporting products; and on the other hand we provide the students with a great platform, allowing them to experience the working environment before leaving school, and may thus adapt better and more quickly.

Externally, we aim to increase customer’s confidence for our factory by promoting the “factory experiencing tour” to public; and in order to improve the brand’s reputation and awareness, we attend a number of international cosmetic festivals and exhibitions, creating the factory’s professional image and increasing the brand’s international exposure, thereby achieving the goal of marketing and business expanding in international market.