Organize or participate in various activities such as beach cleanup, fish stocking, and tree planting. The company participates in the weekly one-day vegetarian activities led by senior executives themselves / Starting in 2021, we support brands and develop Clean Label certified products / To reduce our carbon footprint, we develop plant extracts using farming by-products from local environmental friendly farming practices.


Cooperated with the Huashan Foundation in caring for the elderly with disabilities during the New Year holidays / Participated in the "512 International Nurses' Day" to give back and thank the hard-working healthcare workers / Organized community blood donation activities from time to time / Collaborated with schools on a long-term basis to provide internship opportunities for students of related disciplines to nurture talents.


We have established a people-oriented, integrity-based, professional, innovative, secure, and sustainable “happiness enterprise"  / Implemented ISO 22716 GMP quality management system as a quality standard, and implemented a comprehensive promotion and compensation system as an incentive / Awarded the "Taiwan Top 100 Manufacturing Plants in the Beauty Industry" in 2020, with our manufacturing environment and product quality recognized / We offer an open and friendly working environment while offering diversified employment opportunities for people with physical and mental disabilities / Implemented the TTQS Talent Quality-management System and established a comprehensive training system as a reliable human resource for the sustainable development of the company / In addition to job function training, we have also arranged appropriate courses for spiritual and life-long education in the hopes that all employees can achieve positive physical and spiritual improvement.