Corporate Social Responsibility


The lives bred on this beautiful land-“Formosa” who always can conquer many challenges and difficulties by holding strong willpower and eventually achieved prosperous society from poverty. Nevertheless, The disaster from the environment , 921 Earthquake 、Typhoon Morakot 、 the food security issue 、global climate change and the crisis of corps invade us continuously. Not only people on this land threatened but enterprises face strict survivor challenges. We have been receiving the plentiful nutrition from the land, but now our land get heavier and heavier injured, what can we return to our land. Maybe, nothing.

But, we don’t want to do nothing.
But, as an over 60-years cosmetics enterprise, what we can do for this land.

Facing different strict tests of unsteady environment, the only way to solve is change. We have learned a creative goal – the value chain of human being and environment- 「to make things well, people should live well, to let people live well, the land should be keep well 」, hence, we know clearly that the environment should be balanced and then people could settle their life and more than establish good career. Therefore, we keep on processing re-orientation to the enterprise and products, and find a way to do what we must do gradually.


  • Insist our production to be MIT- made in Taiwan; acquire advanced and professional equipment and based on international certificate standard and technical.
  • Purchase wasted crops to make second income to farmers
  • Employment plan from new employees to retirements, promote every policy of welfare to let employees concentrated on work and share the benefit of economic cycle together.


  • To care of vulnerable elders, we dispatch food to elders regularly and donated home service van to the Huashan Social Welfare Foundation.
  • Held blood donation activities in community in Chiayi and led folks participate in charity.
  • To dedicate to education of Taiwan, we cooperate with educational institute by offering the scholarship “ Wu sheng educational scholarship”.
  • Inspire employees donate money to Huashan Social Welfare Foundation spontaneously. Add up each small donation to be big power for charity.


  • Aesthetics of the balance to natural and beauty. We support farming friendly, and produce best natural skincare with non-polluted plants
  • We extract essence from wasted part of crops and add the extracts into skincare products.
  • Source materials from Taiwan local crops to reduce the carbon waste during the transportation. Promote eco concept with green consumption.
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